About Journals, Vision boards, & Coaching

Ren’e Bates

Journals, Vision Boards, & Coaching, is a Coaching program founded by Rene Bates. Rene has been doing Coaching since she got her certificate in 2016. 
as the name suggest, Rene uses Journals, and Vision Boards as powerful tools in her Coaching.


At Journals, Vision Boards, & Coaching, Rene Understands that Everyone has unique  goals and aspirations. That is why she works closely with her clients to create personalized plans that help them achieve their dreams. By incorporating Journals, and Vision Boards into her Coaching sessions, Rene helps her clients visualize their goals and track their progress towards achieving them. This powerful combination of visualization and Accountability has proven to be a game changer for her clients, whether it be professional or personal. 


As a Coach, Rene is committed to providing the Highest Level of professional service to her Clients. Rene believes in fostering open and honest communications, and taking the time to listen to her clients needs and concerns. Rene’s goal is to help her clients develop skills and mindsets they need to achieve success in all areas of their Lives.


At Journals, Vision Boards, & Coaching, Rene believes that everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. So if your ready,  contact Rene, and let her help you unlock your full potential and start the process of achieving your goals today.