Benefits of Journals & Vision Boards

Coaching is a powerful way to help people like you and me to gain control of our lives, coaching Improves self-awareness and gives clients a better understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs, plus enables them to make more informed decisions and choices. Coaches like myself use tools such as work sheets, and lots of questions to help unlock insights into your dreams and goals. 

 At Vision Boards & Coaching, Rene Bates take it one step further by adding Journaling  and regular coaching sessions together to help her clients Enhance problem solving skills, and helps them to over come obsticales and Challenges more effectively. Journaling also helps Heighten self confidence, by letting them reflect on their achievements and progress. . It helps them to build a sense of self confidence in their abilities and potential, empowering them to take on new challenges.


Once we have mastered the art of Journaling, and our clients at Journals, Vision Boards & Coaching  have a crystal clear vision of their goal. It’s time to add the Vision Board.The vision Board helps to improve your focus and direction . It serves as a visual reminder of the desired outcomes, helping them to stay focused and motivated.


so as you can see the benefits of adding the Journals, and vision Boards to our coaching sessions, is the added fuel to reaching your success. 

so what are you waiting for. Go to the contact page and request your consultation today!!!