• At Journals-Visionboards-coaching, we are not a one size fits all. We are a program that adjust to the needs our clients say they need.  After a free consultation. We adjust our program to be the perfect fit to help get you on your way to reaching your goals. 

  • Journals- Visionboards-coaching offers a full 9 week program.  With this program we utilize the Journals, Vision boards, and the coaching all designed to help with your goals you set for not only your personal life, but also can help you set goals for your business and professional life as well.


  • journals-visionboards- coaching  also offers  Vision Board parties.  Whether it’s with a group of friends, or business associates, we got you covered.  Enjoy a informational , fun filled , and eye opening experience that will not only let you express creatively your goals, but will also serve as a reminder as to the goal you set for yourself, and the steps it will take to achieve said Goal. So come on, gather some of your closest friends, or your office co workers/ employees and let’s set some goals and create a map to improving your  Lives. Can’t wait to party with you!!!


  • So what are you waiting for. Go to the contact page, put in your information, and let’s talk. We will discuss your needs, pricing, and all the other details needed to  help you reach your goals. Remember it’s a free consultation, so what have you got to lose!!!